Monday, January 17, 2011

ok so i have not been doing a good job at blogging on a daily basis but things have been hetic here again, but when are they not..

I started my new semester of classes last week and so far i think i am doing good. I am taking biology and macroeconomics online. I have lots of reading to do for each class so that keeps me busy.

as far as the kids they have been sick on and off with stomach bugs and ear infections. they are better now but they all still have a cough so hoping they are not coming down with anything else.

Had two birthday parties to go sonce my last blog as well. the kids enjoyed themselves at each one very much. got to spend some much needed time with my sister even if we did not get to chat with each other for very long periods of time due to a house full of other people and kids.

the babysitting thing is not going to good as i have not been doing it much since my last post and i am hoping it starts to go back to a regular set schedule instead of a day by day thing as it is kind of hard to plan my days ahead not knowing whether i am going to have the kdis or not even if they are in school. I still have to pick one of them up as he only goes half day.

We also started reorganizing the breezeway and redecorating my kitchen with new furniture. We are getting a new hutch and we got a buffet/ server table as well to help with storage space in the kitchen and some extra counter space as well.

i figured that since the kids were off of school today for the holiday and a new week of classes start today i would try to catch up on my blog before it got too hetic around here again.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

ok so today was a fairly easy day again. got the rest of the living room in order for my school work and my business.

was able to read some of my biology book for my up coming class.

i also had to take my neighbor to go fetch his daughter and grandson from where the truck broke down on them and do it all before meeting up with my sister.

I ended up meeting up with my sister for a bit tonight and sitting in on a "orientation" for a primerica about a potential job opportunity that entails having my own business.

Still undecided about it. it sounds nice but with my in schooling, matt's schooling, the kids and the house, and my treasure trove business not to mention the babysitting i am not sure i will have time.

but all in all today was a good day and i am happy to say that i have managed to get a lot done today and still had a little down time to relax.

Monday, January 3, 2011

well today was a good day.. the schedule went alright considering i did not babysit a full day so it was easy to switch things around. Tomorrow i have a few errands to run and then i want to try to get things in the house organized as well.. i need to rearrange my work/desk area around a bit.

I have a doctor's appointment later this week for philip for an evaluation to see if he still has ADD as the school thinks he does along with some signs of dyslexia.

I managed to get an idea of my work load for my biology class since hubby had it this past semester and I have the same instructor. So hopefully it will not be to bad and i can pass it and help pull my GPA back up.

well it was a good day and as it stands it looks like it will continue to keep going good. so here is to the start of a good year ahead.

On that note i want to add that i am hoping to lose weight this year.. My goal is to lose at least 40 pounds by June if at all possible. I am going ot try to do it with out going to any of those diet place such as weight watchers. I want to see if i can do it on my own.. so i am going to start walking and eating better and hopefully i can start to sleep better and get rid of these headaches as well as the pain in my feet that at times it makes it so impossible to walk.