Monday, January 17, 2011

ok so i have not been doing a good job at blogging on a daily basis but things have been hetic here again, but when are they not..

I started my new semester of classes last week and so far i think i am doing good. I am taking biology and macroeconomics online. I have lots of reading to do for each class so that keeps me busy.

as far as the kids they have been sick on and off with stomach bugs and ear infections. they are better now but they all still have a cough so hoping they are not coming down with anything else.

Had two birthday parties to go sonce my last blog as well. the kids enjoyed themselves at each one very much. got to spend some much needed time with my sister even if we did not get to chat with each other for very long periods of time due to a house full of other people and kids.

the babysitting thing is not going to good as i have not been doing it much since my last post and i am hoping it starts to go back to a regular set schedule instead of a day by day thing as it is kind of hard to plan my days ahead not knowing whether i am going to have the kdis or not even if they are in school. I still have to pick one of them up as he only goes half day.

We also started reorganizing the breezeway and redecorating my kitchen with new furniture. We are getting a new hutch and we got a buffet/ server table as well to help with storage space in the kitchen and some extra counter space as well.

i figured that since the kids were off of school today for the holiday and a new week of classes start today i would try to catch up on my blog before it got too hetic around here again.


Starchild079 said...

We were glad you guys could come too!

Jody said...

I know what you mean by hectic. I have been very hectic lately too. I hope things get a little slower than you. I've been blogging off and on myself :).